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Free Boiler Grants For Private Tenants


If you rent your property privately (i.e not through a council, or housing association) and you claim the correct combination of income-related benefits then you could qualify to have the old in-efficient boiler which is currently in the property which you rent replaced with a brand new one via a government grant. You’ll need to have written permission from the landlord before any works are carried out, and you will also need to be a permanent tenant in the property with an active tenancy agreement in place.

Who is paying for the new boiler? Grants through the ECO scheme are funded by the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers such as British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF etc. They’ve been collecting a small amount of money (the green tax) on our utility bills for a period of time and the government has now made it a legal requirement for them to start spending that money and investing it in to qualifying fuel poor households.

2020 ECO3 Update
Unfortunately, grant funding is now no longer available for private tenants under new ECO3 rules. If you require a new boiler for a tenanted property, we’d recommend visiting heatable.co.uk where you can get a fixed online quote for a new replacement. You can even spread the cost with low monthly payments. If you get a quote online, pass it on to your landlord who will be able to take the process further.

If you want to learn more about the ECO scheme, please visit the GOV.UK website. Free boilers are funded by the ‘Affordable Warmth’ part of the energy company obligation.

Could You Get A Free Boiler Grant?

Because of the benefits which they receive, millions of private tenants throughout the UK have already claimed funding to help cover the costs of replacing the boiler which is in the property which they currently rent. Typically, a new A-rated boiler could save you up-to £350 a year on your utility bills and provide you with much a more reliable and efficient heating system.

In order to qualify for a free boiler grant there is a certain benefits related criteria which needs to be met, the current boiler must be at least 5 years old and the property must also be on a mains gas supply.

The benefits which could qualify you for a grant are as follows; Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits, Pension Credit, Income Support, ESA, JSA or Universal Credit. It is also worth noting that these benefits can be being claimed by anyone who is living in the household full time.

Could You Claim?

  • Private Tenant
  • Get Income-Related Benefits
  • Mains Gas Supply
  • Current Boiler 8+ Years Old

How We Help

Our super easy online application form will let you check if you could qualify for a boiler grant in under 2 minutes. If you do, you can then choose to be contacted by a fully approved local installer who will be able to assist you with your enquiry. Our service is 100% free to use and there is no obligation to proceed.

Where Do I Apply?

In order to check if you could qualify and to apply for a free boiler grant, simply enter your postcode above or click the box below and you will be guided through the process. You’ll know within a couple of minutes if there is funding available which you could claim. No stress, no headaches.

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Landlords Permission Is Required

Before any works are carried out, the tenant will need to obtain the landlords permission. This is to ensure that they are happy with the works which are being planned, and it also gives them the chance to ask any questions which they may have about the installation or grant process. Once you’ve gained permission, we would recommend you note the landlords details on your application.

How Long Does it Take?

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll match you up to an approved installer on our national network who will be able to assist you further. Typically, you can expect to have the new boiler installed in to your property in as little as four weeks, sometimes sooner. If you have no heating/hot water at all, please mention this on your application and we will do our best to fast track it for you.

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Free Boiler for Tenants

Through the ECO scheme (Energy Company Obligation), if you are a private tenant who claims the correct combination of means tested, income-related benefits, you could qualify to have your old boiler replaced free of charge or heavily subsidised. Use our free service to see if you could claim.

Who Are We?

We’ve been helping private tenants all over the UK to access grants which are available to improve the efficiency of their homes. So far, we’ve helped over 60,000 people and we intend to help many, many more. Use our simple online application form to check if you could qualify today.