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If you are a homeowner and receiving Pension Credit you can apply for a grant boiler.


Grants are available to replace gas boilers that are broken or classed as inefficient. The general rule is that any boiler over 8 years old would most likely qualify.

As long as you meet the following criteria you can apply for a boiler grant:

  • You have a gas boiler over 8 years old or one that is broken.
  • You own your own home or are a tenant living in privately rented accommodation
  • You’re in receipt of Pension Guarantee Credit*
  • Are 60 years old or more and receive Working Tax Credit
  • Live in England, Scotland or Wales.

If you want to learn more about the ECO scheme, please visit the GOV.UK website. Free boilers are funded by the ‘Affordable Warmth’ part of the energy company obligation.

Pensioners – Slash Your Bills With A Boiler Grant

With winter drawing in fast, it’s important to be prepared. If your current boiler is 8+ years old then it’s more than likely going to be unreliable, and expensive to run. All new boilers which are installed via the free boiler scheme are A rated, which in percentage terms is 90%+. By comparison, older boilers can be anywhere from 60% efficient. This means that for every £1 you spend on your heating, 40p is literally wasted. If you qualify for a free boiler via a government grant, your new boiler will waste less than 10p which is a huge saving.

Recent figures taken from the Energy Saving Trust have shown that by replacing your old in-efficient boiler, with a new A rated combi condensing boiler, you could save up-to as much as £350 over the course of a year.

Are you a pensioner who thinks they may qualify for a grant? You can find out here.

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  • Non-Repayable Grants
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  • Free Boiler & Controls
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Could You Claim?

  • Home Owner/Private Tenant
  • Get Income-Related Benefits
  • Mains Gas Supply
  • Current Boiler 8+ Years Old

Who’s BoilerGrants?

We’ve helped over 60,000 families throughout the UK access grants to improve the efficiency of their homes and to reduce their bills. We work alongside a nationwide network of installers who are fully insured, checked and vetted to ensure that you are in safe hands.

No Pension Credit?

If you are a pensioner, but you are not able to claim pension credit, all is not lost. As long as you are aged 60+ and claim working tax credits, you could still qualify for a grant. View the full criteria to see if you could claim a free boiler.

Over 60,000 Happy Customers

Where Do I Apply?

Our simple, interactive online application process lets you check if you could qualify for a free boiler grant in less than 2 minutes. If you do, you can then choose to be contacted by a UK Government approved company who can assist you further.

What’s The Process?

Once we’ve matched matched you up to an installer in your area, they’ll contact you to confirm your details and book a free energy survey of your property. Once they’ve talked you through the process, you can then book your installation. It’s as simple as that.

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Pension Credit

Through the ECO scheme (Energy Company Obligation), those who claim Pension Credit automatically qualify to have their old boilers replaced free of charge. You’ll also need to be the home owner, or private tenant in order to apply for a boiler grant. Our service is 100% free to use.

How We Help

Grant applications can be very complicated, so, we’ve built a super easy online system which will determine if you could claim within a matter of minutes. We’ve also built an approved, qualified and insured network of free gas boiler installers who will be able to assist you with your install.